Skip Navigation Links Stoplight Solutions The stoplight method of analyzing data is a globally recognized way of communicating business information. Stoplight information systems quickly highlight data based on company performance: Problem Area Cause for Concern Satisfactory Result Information stoplights give managers a fast, comprehensive overview of business performance. Within a matter of seconds users can identify and drill down into issues that need their attention most. -    Central repository for tracking business key performance indicators (KPIs) -    Database for storing company audit findings Stoplight Solutions: Performance Management System -    Monitors the organization’s performance metrics on a monthly basis -    Performance measures have defined minimum and expected service levels -    Each audit finding is assigned a due date -    Submit your questions, comments, and suggestions -    Drilling down shows measure performance trends over time Measures that fail to meet the minimum service level Measures that meet minimum service level, but fail to meet expected level Findings that are past due Findings that are due within 60 days Findings that are due over 60 days Measures that meet expected service level Stoplight Solutions: Audit Tracking System Audit Tracking About Stoplight Solutions About Submit Feedback Submit Feedback -    What is Stoplight Solutions? Performance Management - - - - Home - Stoplight Solutions: Service Catalog -    System for publishing available business services -    Establish and standardize specific service level expectations -    Submit online service requests Service Catalog